Mission and Vision Statement

Our Vision

The founders had the vision to share the burden of rural children who are denied the benefit of quality education as being enjoyed by their city counterparts. In the city of Abuja, most proprietors of quality schools are led by profit motives to establish them for children whose parents are economically empowered to fund their academic pursuits, a sort of creating an elitist children for elitist parents, and in the process, create two classes of citizens in one country. Even though one family cannot totally remove this artificial divide between rural/town child education situation, such little efforts by the founders could ameliorate the ugly pains of poor quality education being experienced by the rural children. The quality education that is being provided, is affordable at a minimum cost to parents of the rural community. In addition, the founders are also motivated by their firm believe, and are irrevocably committed, to nurse the rural child with education that is God-centred as the foundation.

Our Mission

“…to provide the children of the Rural Populace opportunity to get qualitative education at minimum cost; education that would positively affect their intellectual, spiritual and social outlook in the society, and develop in them, deep love for God and Country “