The Journey so far…

The journey of a thousand years definitely will start one day and from a point. And the fact that it is a long journey does not make one to take two steps at a time; it has to be one step after another.

Step by step, the lord has led us for exactly seventeen years. the gate of the Lord’s school (then Nursery & Primary), was flung open on Monday 3rd September, 2001 03/09/2001) with Six pupils and five staffs (2 teaching and 2 non teaching).

This was after two years of praying and confirming certain issues pertaining tp the school.

These seventeen years had been instructive; God has been deliberate in giving us definite instructions about the school. He is patiently revealing to us all that he has in plan and how to carry them

Within these years, the number of pupils has greatly increased, while the staff strength has risen from five (5) to seventy five (75). The school has grown from Nursery and primary to a full fledged (government Approved) Senior Secondary School (Day and Boarding).

The day school started on September 7th, 2007 while the boarding school was fully established on October 7th, 2012. Each of the category of the school is located on her permanent site.

Academically, the Lord has been helping our students to succeed by the spirit. The first set of the Lord’s college set for both Junior WAEC (state) and NECO in the year 2009/2010 academic session and the performance was 99.5% success.

Many of the students (both in primary and secondary) have represented Nasarawa state in Science and Mathematics competitions with outstanding performance.

We have experienced challenges ranging from spiritual to physical. Jesus has always being in our boat, always calming the storm. Each time the enemy rises like a flood, it has always being the Lord Himself raising standard against him.

Like Paul of old, we are not saying we have gotten to the climax, but \we want to at this point say “A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO GOD ALMIGHTY”.